Document Attributes

Channel CountEdit BoxTotal number of tracks in the document; set using Properties dialog, File/Properties
DefaultsN/ADefault settings that subsequently created tracks will initially have; set from current track, using File/Set Defaults
VolumeAutomation SliderAdjusts volume of entire document; show/hide using View/Volume (V)
SnapshotsCombo BoxSaved document states, captured with File/Take Snapshot (Ctrl+T); show/hide list using View/Snapshots (N), or edit list using Edit/Edit Snapshots (Ctrl+E)
Mute/Solo FadeSlider/Edit BoxHow long subsequent mute/solo operations will take; show/hide using View/M/S Fade (F)
TempoAutomation SliderAdjusts speed of all automations and auto-triggers within the document; show/hide using View/Tempo (T)