Mixere Shortcut Keys

/SoloSolo on/off
\End SoloExit solo mode
AAuto DialogShow or hide automation dialog
Ctrl+ASelect AllSelect the entire document
Ctrl+CCopyCopy the selection and put it on the Clipboard
Ctrl+EEdit SnapshotsEdit mixer snapshot list
FM/S FadeShow or hide mute/solo fade bar
Ctrl+FFindFind the specified text
KKeep SoloConvert solo to mutes
LLoopLoop on/off
Ctrl+LLoad AudioLoad one or more audio files
MMuteMute on/off
NSnapshotsShow or hide the snapshot bar
Ctrl+NNewCreate a new document
Ctrl+OOpenOpen an existing document
Ctrl+SSaveSave the active document
TTempoShow or hide tempo bar
Ctrl+TTake SnapshotTake a snapshot of the document
VVolumeShow or hide volume bar
Ctrl+VPasteInsert Clipboard contents
Shift+VMaster VolumeShow or hide master volume dialog
Alt+BackspaceUndoUndo the last action
DeleteDeleteDelete the selection
Shift+DeleteCutCut the selection and put it on the Clipboard
EscDeselectClear the selection
F1HelpList Help topics
F2RenameEdit name
F5VolumeEdit volume
F6PanEdit pan
F7PitchEdit pitch
F8TriggerEdit trigger
InsertInsertInsert empty rows
Ctrl+InsertCopyCopy the selection and put it on the Clipboard
Shift+InsertPasteInsert Clipboard contents
SpaceToggleSwitch between play and pause
Shift+SpaceGoPlay paused items
XCrossfaderShow or hide crossfader dialog
Ctrl+XCutCut the selection and put it on the Clipboard
Ctrl+YRedoRedo the previously undone action
Ctrl+ZUndoUndo the last action