Multi-Track Commands

Commands that affect selected tracks, or the current track if there's no selection
CopyCopy to ClipboardEdit/Copy (Ctrl+C), Context Menu
ToggleSwitch audio between play and pauseTrack/Toggle (Space)
PlayPlay audioTrack/Play (P), Context Menu
PausePause audioTrack/Pause (U), Context Menu
StopStop audioTrack/Stop (S), Context Menu
LoopTurn looping on/off Track/Loop (L), Context Menu
GoUnpause audio and automationsTrack/Go (Shift+Space)
MuteMute audioTrack/Mute (M), Context Menu
SoloSolo audioTrack/Solo (/), Context Menu
VolumeAdjust volume or volume automationTrack/Volume (F5)
PanAdjust pan or pan automationTrack/Pan (F6)
PitchAdjust pitch or pitch automationTrack/Pitch (F7)
TriggerAdjust audio position or auto-triggerTrack/Trigger (F8)
Commands that affect selected tracks, and do nothing if there's no selection
CutCut selection and put it on ClipboardEdit/Cut (Ctrl+X), Context Menu
InsertInsert empty tracks before selectionEdit/Insert (Insert), Context Menu
DeleteDelete selectionEdit/Delete (Delete), Context Menu
DeselectClear selectionEdit/Deselect (Esc), Context Menu