Working with Multiple Tracks

The leftmost column of each track contains the track number. This column is also used for selecting tracks. Left-click some track numbers (for best results, do this with tracks you've loaded audio into). Notice that the tracks change color. This means the tracks are selected. Press Ctrl+C, and then Ctrl+V. You've just copied and pasted (cloned) the tracks.

When the tracks you want to select form a contiguous group, instead of left-clicking them one at a time, it's easier to use one of these methods:

  1. Left-click the first track in the group, and then Shift+left-click the last track in the group.
  2. Left-click the first track in the group, but don't release the left mouse button yet; while holding down the button, drag the cursor over the rest of the tracks you want to select, and then release the button.

To clear the current selection, press Esc, or choose Deselect from the Edit menu.

Notice that one of the track numbers is always a different color (red). This indicates the current track. When you modify a track (e.g. by adjusting one of its sliders), it becomes the current track. You can also make a track current without modifying anything, by left-clicking on its name.

In general, Edit and Track menu commands operate on either the selected tracks, or if no tracks are selected, on the current track.