open close type description rev
2/27/05 7/6/07 done MP3 files are now seekable, thanks to Audiere 1.1.00
6/25/05 6/26/05 done if you load audio files before accessing help for the first time, help file is not found, because loading audio changes current folder; append help file name to app path and retry 1.0.83
3/13/05 3/19/05 done if undo levels is set to zero, closing a modified document doesn't display a save prompt; in undo manager, NotifyEdit must bump m_Edits regardless of number of undo levels 1.0.83
2/27/05 2/27/05 done in multi-auto dialog, adjusting position during play sets selected sliders to zero; side effect of adding variable waveforms, OnNewPos must use m_Info.m_Pos instead of GetNormPos 1.0.82
2/24/05 2/25/05 done starting an auto-trigger turns off audio looping; potentially harmful, so make side effect optional 1.0.82
2/24/05 2/24/05 done for auto-trigger, automation looping should always be on; disable loop button in auto-trigger dialog 1.0.82
3/8/04 2/24/05 done in auto-trigger dialog, pressing play forces audio looping off; multi-auto dialog should do the same 1.0.82
2/7/05 2/7/05 done header sort generates spurious column width undo notifications; header's OnItemChanging should resize column only if width has actually changed 1.0.81
2/6/05 2/7/05 done current channel should stay visible during sorting 1.0.81
2/1/05 2/7/05 done implement find for channel titles 1.0.81
1/16/05 2/5/05 done assign shortcut keys to snapshots; prevent collisions with main shortcut keys 1.0.80
2/2/05 2/3/05 done opening and closing multi auto dialog generates undo notification; override OnModified to tell view whether to cancel notification 1.0.79
1/25/05 2/2/05 done set column width should be undoable 1.0.79
12/1/04 2/2/05 done after channels are deleted, any snapshots that referenced them contain dead channel snaps which waste a lot of space; prune snapshots during doc loading 1.0.79
1/1/05 2/1/05 done implement undo for all snapshot functions 1.0.79
1/31/05 1/31/05 done dialog bar undo broken since 1.0.77; CDialogBarEx used to set window ID to res ID, but now that it correctly offsets from AFX constant, ID exceeds 7FFF and mixer thinks itís a channel 1.0.79
1/29/05 1/29/05 done CPopupEdit ctor must initialize m_MaxText 1.0.78
1/27/05 1/27/05 done if you press F1, load an audio file, and then close app, app crashes in Windows DLL code; main frame must initialize and uninitialize HTML help 1.0.78
1/25/05 1/25/05 done undo edit title doesn't update channel's m_Title; static edit control's RestoreUndoState handler must send change notification 1.0.78
1/19/05 1/21/05 done still punting on 3/8/04 erratic auto-trigger start point issue, but at least fix it when selection starts at zero; channel rewind can do a Reset instead of a SetPosition in that case 1.0.78
12/30/03 1/21/05 done add support for HTML help 1.0.78
1/19/05 1/20/05 done if saving doc causes doc title to change, doc titles in dialog bars aren't updated; captions of volume, snapshot, tempo, and M/S bars are one case, crossfader source list boxes are another 1.0.78
1/17/05 1/19/05 done add toolbar buttons for load audio and take snapshot 1.0.77
1/17/05 1/17/05 done if a track with a position slider selection is cloned, and original and clone are edited, trigger edit dialog doesn't show selection; in channel SetInfo, don't set slider selection from audio loop 1.0.77
1/15/05 1/16/05 done sorting on position in frames gives unexpected results; use normalized position instead 1.0.77
1/15/05 1/16/05 done sort snapshot list by name or ID 1.0.77
12/1/04 1/16/05 done snapshot save/restore; undo implemented for restore only 1.0.77
1/14/05 1/14/05 done number column's header button should sort by channel ID; effectively a sort by creation time 1.0.77
1/12/05 1/13/05 done for big docs, status bar mute/solo indicators aren't always updated, esp. when app is maximized; 11/14/04 OnUpdateCmdUI override has side effects, view's SetInfo must reset disabled style 1.0.77
12/1/04 1/10/05 done to support grouping, channels must have unique persistent identifiers, and paste must distinguish between local and foreign data 1.0.76
1/3/05 1/9/05 done can't easily sync two automations within the same channel, or sync an automation with audio play; need a 'go' feature that plays all paused audio or automations 1.0.75
1/8/05 1/8/05 done saving doc doesn't reset undo manager's modified flag 1.0.75
1/6/05 1/6/05 done in alt menu mode, main frame receives middle-click instead of slider ctrl; main frame must redirect it to window under cursor 1.0.75
1/6/05 1/6/05 done quick start is too useful to be a slider option; make quick start shift+left-click, open auto dialog ctrl+left-click, and set default pos ctrl+shift+left-click 1.0.75
1/5/05 1/6/05 done after audio play, and in other cases, multi-trigger dlg doesn't show audio position correctly; change auto trigger ctrl so that m_Pos is always audio position, except in get/set info 1.0.75
1/5/05 1/6/05 done if a stopped track is rewound using channel's stop button, undo notification isn't sent; OnStop's duplicate notification test must account for rewind side effect 1.0.75
1/5/05 1/6/05 done if a stopped track has its position moved away from start point, when doc is reopened, thumb and audio position don't agree; SetInfo is rewinding audio, use SetTransportAndPos 1.0.75
1/3/05 1/5/05 done if non-repeat auto slider is played from pause, manually repositioned at start, and played from pause again, second time it doesn't move; in slider's OnTransport, use AtStart/AtEnd 1.0.75
1/3/05 1/4/05 done undo multi-channel play from pause doesn't restore audio positions 1.0.74
1/2/05 1/4/05 done crossfader and master volume automation states should persist in registry 1.0.74
10/1/04 1/4/05 done if control bar child window IDs change, app could crash; verify bar states before restoring them 1.0.74
3/8/04 1/4/05 done make middle mouse button feature optional 1.0.74
1/17/04 1/4/05 done options dialog is too confusing; convert it to a property sheet 1.0.74
1/2/05 1/3/05 done disable waveform combo box for auto-trigger dialogs, both single and multi 1.0.74
1/2/05 1/3/05 done copy/paste between different versions of app causes crash; append file version to clipboard ID 1.0.74
12/27/04 12/31/04 done make automation waveform variable: triangle, ramp up, ramp down, square 1.0.74
12/30/04 12/30/04 done opening too many docs causes crash; in form view CreateItem, if OnNewItem fails, return failure 1.0.73
11/1/03 12/30/04 done with many docs open, app saturates CPU, because timer messages are triggering idle processing; override IsIdleMessage to exclude timer and other frequently repeated messages 1.0.73
12/29/04 12/29/04 done undo auto edit restores the auto state using SetInfo, which doesn't call OnNewPos or OnSelection, so audio properties don't get updated; use SetInfoNotify instead 1.0.73
12/29/04 12/29/04 done if you drag/move slider selection, and while holding down right button, move cursor outside slider and left-click, drag/move state sticks; OnLButtonDown must end select slider's modal state 1.0.73
12/29/04 12/29/04 done if audio is playing, no previous loop exists, and a loop is created using a single click to the left of slider thumb, audio position can escape from loop; fudge compare by a slider increment 1.0.73
12/28/04 12/29/04 done audio position sometimes escapes from loop during scrubbing: remove obsolete overlap test 1.0.73
10/27/04 12/29/04 done in auto slider, Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End should move selection, not thumb 1.0.73
12/26/04 12/27/04 done multi edit auto dlg's selection edit boxes blank when selection is very short; in CSelectSliderCtrl, SetNormSelection must test its args for -1 instead of equality 1.0.73
12/24/04 12/26/04 done make about box URL a hyperlink 1.0.73
10/1/04 12/24/04 done change registry key 1.0.73
9/24/04 12/24/04 done add GPL header to all source files and about box 1.0.73
1/29/04 12/24/04 done in multi auto dlg, if automations stop by themselves, dlg's transport state can become inaccurate 1.0.73
9/26/04 12/23/04 done consolidate document version 1.0.73
12/22/04 12/22/04 done add Ogg-Vorbis, Flak, and Mod audio files to channel's file filter 1.0.72
12/16/04 12/22/04 done make automation quick start optional 1.0.72
12/16/04 12/22/04 done in multi auto edit dialog, add edit boxes for position and selection start/end 1.0.72
12/17/04 12/15/04 done opening volume edit dlg while volume automation is playing causes unexpected audio play 1.0.71
12/15/04 12/15/04 done link audio play to auto volume play only if audio is paused 1.0.71
12/15/04 12/15/04 done divider double-click now sets default width 1.0.71
11/20/04 12/14/04 done if you left-click on pos slider while it's triggering, it doesn't receive focus 1.0.71
10/30/04 12/14/04 done automation quick start: left-clicking in slider channel starts thumb moving towards cursor position; dragging thumb works as usual 1.0.71
2/11/04 12/14/04 done if channels are added to an empty document via set channel count, current position isn't shown 1.0.71
12/8/04 12/8/04 done use WriteBinary for CPersist window placement functions 1.0.70
11/18/04 11/19/04 done if multi auto dlg changes position of multiple sliders, auto time becomes zero in all of them; auto dlg's OnHScroll must ensure that message is from itself and not from derived class 1.0.69
11/8/04 11/19/04 done channel active and selection colors should be a user preference 1.0.69
11/1/03 11/15/04 done dragging channels within a document 1.0.68
11/12/04 11/14/04 done if doc was saved with a docked dialog bar visible, status bar mute/solo indicators aren't updated when doc is reopened (in release only); CColorStatusBar must override OnUpdateCmdUI 1.0.67
11/12/04 11/12/04 done if slider's auto dlg is visible, and slider is target of multi auto dlg, auto dlg doesn't track changes 1.0.67
11/8/04 11/8/04 done closing doc during solo causes crash; child frame's OnDestroy must end solo 1.0.67
11/8/04 11/8/04 done since 1.0.66, middle click in auto slider isn't activating channel; CDialogEx used to have a virtual OnNcActivate handler, lost during child dialog removal, add it to CAutoDlg instead 1.0.67
11/7/04 11/8/04 done channel, derived dialog bars, and color status bar don't display MFC members in class wizard; derived name must contain an MFC base name or a recognized abbreviation, e.g. Dialog, Dlg 1.0.67
11/7/04 11/7/04 done undo position slider thumb doesn't work, and sometimes causes spurious play; remove auto trigger ctrl's RestoreUndoState override and revert to base class undo handling 1.0.67
12/6/03 11/7/04 done implement minimum width for column resizing; must work for both show and non-show dragging 1.0.67
10/13/04 11/6/04 done get disabled slider's channel color from system; check by changing windows colors 1.0.67
9/27/04 10/8/04 done mute, change M/S time, unmute same channel: 2nd mute doesn't use new time 1.0.66
5/15/04 10/8/04 done if mute time is non-zero, pasting soloed channel while fade is in progress behaves unexpectedly 1.0.66
5/14/04 10/8/04 done after a channel is loaded with audio, its first mute sometimes doesn't observe mute time 1.0.66
10/7/04 10/7/04 done control bar auto dialogs aren't showing tooltips; CDialogBarEx::EnableToolTips must be virtual 1.0.66
10/7/04 10/7/04 done in m/s fade bar, undoing time slider updates time edit ctrl but not slider 1.0.66
2/8/04 10/7/04 done master volume must persist in registry; risk of ear damage outweighs potential confusion 1.0.66
9/28/04 10/6/04 done if control bars are resized, the updated size isn't saved in document or registry 1.0.66
10/3/04 10/5/04 done auto dlg should not have minimize button 1.0.66
10/1/04 10/5/04 done if an auto dialog is visible, and app is minimized, task switcher doesn't see it, and clicking on its taskbar icon doesn't restore it; attempted fix 3/10/04, disable child dialogs 1.0.66
10/1/04 10/5/04 done first time you click on another app, Mixere pops back in front; disable child dialogs 1.0.66
10/1/04 10/5/04 done if two documents are open, and one has an auto dialog, when app is restored, that document will be on top, even if it wasn't before; side effect of CDialogEx::OnNcActivate, disable child dialogs 1.0.66
10/3/04 10/3/04 done if app starts with tool tips disabled, main frame's control bars show them anyway, because restoring bar state magically enables tool tips for all the bars; tool tip state must be reapplied 1.0.65
10/3/04 10/3/04 done if app state can't be restored (e.g. on first run), main frame's bars don't dock all on same row 1.0.65
10/2/04 10/2/04 done bar captions are a mess; add origin shift to resizer, and make it a member of dialog bar base 1.0.65
10/1/04 10/2/04 done if app is run via shell open, and document is initially maximized, and there's a docked bar visible, bar controls may not paint correctly; must invalidate bar in OnSize, on dock state change only 1.0.65
9/27/04 10/2/04 done master volume and crossfader should be control bars too 1.0.65
2/8/04 10/2/04 done window placement and visibility of modeless dialogs should persist; for free with control bars 1.0.65
1/1/04 10/2/04 done master volume dialog covers its automation dialog's caption bar; control bars make this moot 1.0.65
10/1/04 10/1/04 done when slider bar is docked vertically, its controls overwrite gripper; allow horz dock only 1.0.65
10/1/04 10/1/04 done if control bar is docked vertically, header control gets out of sync with view; allow horz dock only 1.0.65
10/1/04 10/1/04 done if bars are on docked at top of frame in two rows, and one is dragged and redocked at bottom, header doesn't paint; CChildFrame::RecalcLayout must resize header *after* calling base class 1.0.65
9/30/04 10/1/04 done fold mixer into view, so that mixer can derive directly from view 1.0.65
9/29/04 9/29/04 done multi edit auto dlg doesn't allow fine adjust; derive its slider from auto slider and disable auto dlg 1.0.65
9/27/04 9/29/04 done when editing time sets minutes button as side effect, undo doesn't restore minutes button 1.0.65
9/27/04 9/28/04 done editing M/S time doesn't set appropriate unit 1.0.65
9/27/04 9/28/04 done memory leak since 1.0.63; WriteFont must check GetSafeHandle before calling GetLogFont 1.0.65
9/27/04 9/28/04 done when bar floats, hide caption and decrease bar width to compensate 1.0.65
9/24/04 9/28/04 done save dock state of mixer control bars in document 1.0.65
9/26/04 9/26/04 done dragging selection via ctrl-right-click gives bad positions near end of channel; fix move clamping 1.0.65
9/25/04 9/26/04 done in tempo dialog, typing within edit control isn't undoable 1.0.65
9/25/04 9/26/04 done in dialog bar's edit control, typing can trigger accelerators 1.0.65
9/25/04 9/26/04 done dialog bar's tool tips don't erase themselves properly when bar is floating; don't use tooltip ctrl 1.0.65
9/25/04 9/26/04 done since 1.0.64, if new selection is created using single right-click, start pos is -1; notify both points 1.0.65
7/31/04 9/26/04 done in tempo dialog, if arrow or shift-arrow is held down, tempo isn't displayed until key is released 1.0.65
4/19/04 9/26/04 done mixer dialogs should be top-level windows; better yet, make them control bars so they can dock 1.0.65
2/11/04 9/26/04 done deleting all channels, switching to another window, and then switching back to empty document disables menu keys; converting mixer child dialogs to control bars solves this, how nice 1.0.65
9/24/04 9/25/04 done move load audio to top of context menu 1.0.65
9/24/04 9/25/04 done rework main frame's save/restore position to avoid double paint 1.0.65
5/12/04 9/25/04 done deleting all channels while a child dialog is visible locks up app until child dialog is closed; replace child dialogs with dialog bars 1.0.65
5/11/04 9/25/04 done since 1.0.40, if child dialog is visible, deleting a channel with a focused control causes dialog to become modal and lock up app until child dialog is closed; replace child dialogs with dialog bars 1.0.65
5/17/04 7/5/04 done popup title editor should use parent's font instead of reverting to default font 1.0.64
1/26/04 6/27/04 done position slider resolution is too coarse for making loops in very long samples; need fine adjust 1.0.64
1/26/04 6/27/04 done pitch slider resolution (approximately 10 cents) is too coarse for tuning; need 1 cent 1.0.64
5/14/04 5/14/04 done when loading a doc, if mute time was non-zero and tracks were soloed, unsoloed tracks fade out 1.0.63
5/14/04 5/14/04 done check object handle before calling GetLogFont or debug version crashes 1.0.63
5/14/04 5/14/04 done ampersand in audio path / title displays as underscore; must set no prefix option in resource 1.0.63
5/14/04 5/14/04 done when doc is loaded, if tracks were soloed, tracks below soloed tracks don't observe mute time; if in solo mode, CChannel::SetInfo must zero fader position 1.0.63
5/12/04 5/12/04 done when no document is open, options and master volume appear in tools instead of view 1.0.63
5/10/04 5/12/04 done channel titles can be hard to read; optional font selection would be handy 1.0.63
5/10/04 5/10/04 done mute/solo fade dialog doesn't have tooltips 1.0.63
5/7/04 5/8/04 done while editing a channel slider's selection range, tooltip should show range instead of value 1.0.63
5/7/04 5/8/04 done mute/solo tooltip should show mute/solo state, or fader position if soft mute/solo is in progress 1.0.63
5/7/04 5/7/04 done setting both crossfader inputs to same source behaves unexpectedly; set other input to none 1.0.63
3/20/04 5/7/04 done options dialog has incorrect tab order 1.0.63
4/19/04 4/20/04 done mute/solo time dialog's title doesn't include document 1.0.62
3/20/04 4/20/04 done undo auto trigger does not restore channel transport, repeat or position (side effects) 1.0.62
4/19/04 4/19/04 done can't use menu or accelerator to close mute/solo time dialog unless dialog has focus 1.0.62
4/19/04 4/19/04 done reduce slider message traffic by shadowing range and tics; not much effect on overhead 1.0.62
4/19/04 4/19/04 done if mouse clicks within slider's thumb rectangle, don't set position 1.0.62
4/16/04 4/19/04 done mute/solo time dialog is using base class accelerators 1.0.62
4/16/04 4/19/04 done need a way to limit drawing overhead; add animation speed control to options dialog 1.0.62
4/16/04 4/17/04 done mute/solo feature should support fading 1.0.61
3/20/04 3/26/04 done add keep solo feature (converts solo to mutes) 1.0.60
3/7/04 3/24/04 done no error message if load audio fails, just empty channels 1.0.59
3/20/04 3/22/04 done allow automation without selection; no selection means use full range 1.0.59
3/12/04 3/12/04 done using wheel, arrows or page up/down keys in slider generates excess undo events, coalesce 1.0.58
3/12/04 3/12/04 done home and end keys don't generate undo events in slider 1.0.58
3/12/04 3/12/04 done tab/shift+tab used to move focus within a channel; new channel PreTranslateMessage broke it 1.0.58
3/12/04 3/12/04 done shift-left click on position slider should open/close auto dlg 1.0.58
3/12/04 3/12/04 done fix options dialog tab order 1.0.58
3/12/04 3/12/04 done F2 should edit current channel's title 1.0.58
3/12/04 3/12/04 done coalesced edit must set size of undo list to current position 1.0.58
3/8/04 3/11/04 done in auto trigger dialog, when play is pressed, auto repeat is set; trigger selected channels dialog should emulate this behavior 1.0.57
3/9/04 3/10/04 done in multi-auto dialog, if only one channel, title bar should display channel title, not audio file name 1.0.57
3/9/04 3/10/04 done if you switch to another app while modeless child dialog (auto or volume) has focus, Mixere's icon doesn't appear in task switcher, and when you click Mixere's icon, it doesn't move to front 1.0.57
2/1/04 3/10/04 done tempo control for all document automations, with unity at 120 bpm; auto tempo too 1.0.57
3/9/04 3/9/04 done MDI accelerators (Ctrl+F4, Ctrl+F6) don't work; CChannel::PreTranslateMessage must pass key messages to parent window instead of calling TranslateAccelerator itself 1.0.57
3/8/04 3/9/04 done undo/redo should display wait cursor if necessary; only needed in CMixer 1.0.57
3/8/04 3/8/04 done sort isn't undoing correctly in some cases 1.0.56
3/8/04 3/8/04 done auto dialogs won't retain focus; framework uses FindUndoable to get undo titles, so don't set focus in FindUndoable unless we're really undoing/redoing 1.0.56
3/8/04 3/8/04 done framework calling FindUndoable is inefficient; cache undo titles within undo manager instead 1.0.56
3/7/04 3/7/04 done undo sort doesn't restore header control arrow 1.0.55
3/6/04 3/7/04 done redo insert, then redo sort crashes; sort must save indices, not pointers 1.0.55
2/22/04 3/7/04 done multi-channel transport, repeat, solo, and mute don't set modify flag 1.0.55
1/9/04 3/7/04 done undo for clipboard and multi-channel edits 1.0.55
3/5/04 3/5/04 done escaping from title edit generates undoable edit; must cancel edit 1.0.55
3/4/04 3/5/04 done loading audio into an empty doc and then undoing causes crash; save current position first 1.0.55
1/8/04 3/5/04 done file properties set channel count should warn before deleting non-empty channels, or allow undo 1.0.55
3/4/04 3/4/04 done can't drag audio files onto child window background, they're interpreted as mix files 1.0.55
2/22/04 2/25/04 done when channels are deleted, sometimes during redo auto edit dlg becomes modal 1.0.55
2/22/04 2/22/04 done undo play selected channels and similar mixer functions; undo channel sort 1.0.54
2/21/04 2/22/04 done since 1.0.51, opening doc with missing files and selecting cancel causes crash in debug mode 1.0.54
2/20/04 2/21/04 done auto dlg's time slider and time edit box don't undo correctly 1.0.54
1/9/04 2/20/04 done undo with redo for simple control edits 1.0.53
2/19/04 2/19/04 done when moving selection range, it should be centered around cursor, not left-justified 1.0.52
2/19/04 2/19/04 done missing nocopies macro in crossfaderdlg, popupedit, staticedit 1.0.53
2/18/04 2/19/04 done since 1.0.50, automation plays in reverse if selection range was drawn from right to left 1.0.52
2/17/04 2/17/04 done if doc has missing files, and no other docs are open, doc maximize state doesn't get restored 1.0.51
2/17/04 2/17/04 done if doc has missing files, and docs are maximized, view is partially painted by replace files dialog 1.0.51
2/17/04 2/17/04 done can't enter space in auto dialog's time edit control, it gets eaten by transport accelerator 1.0.51
12/30/03 2/17/04 done slider should allow moving a selection range; most useful for position slider 1.0.51
2/15/04 2/16/04 done in multi trigger edit dialog, left-clicking on value slider should resync any selected channels that are auto-triggering; stagger button should work too 1.0.50
2/11/04 2/13/04 done paste/insert and cut/delete are paste bombs; need shared primitives, reuseable for undo 1.0.49
2/11/04 2/12/04 done make header control a member of mixer; avoids header control accessor 1.0.48
2/11/04 2/11/04 done if height difference between child frame and view is less than header control height, scroll bars flicker and don't always appear when they should 1.0.47
2/11/04 2/11/04 done since 1.0.42, when channels are added to empty document, first channel displays incorrectly or not at all; CreateChannel must use ShowWindow to make window visible, instead of ModifyStyle 1.0.47
2/11/04 2/11/04 done if document is empty, clicking on track menu causes crash due to invalid current position 1.0.47
2/10/04 2/11/04 done can't create more than 752 channels; windows limitation, create channel must fail gracefully 1.0.47
2/9/04 2/10/04 done maximized documents briefly show normal frame while opening 1.0.46
2/8/04 2/10/04 done save column widths and mixer volume dialog placement in doc 1.0.46
2/8/04 2/8/04 done if you open a mix with missing tracks, missing tracks are disabled instead of empty 1.0.45
2/6/04 2/8/04 done after set defaults, new audio tracks have default file name as title; load audio must reset title 1.0.45
2/1/04 2/8/04 done save default channel settings in doc 1.0.45
1/19/04 2/8/04 done closing all docs resets child maximize; related to making maximize state persistent 1.0.45
1/18/04 2/8/04 done app should remember maximize setting for both main window and documents, using registry 1.0.45
1/18/04 2/8/04 done if initial new doc is unmodified, app should close it when a doc is opened, like Reason 1.0.45
1/17/04 2/8/04 done options dialog values should be saved in registry 1.0.45
2/4/04 2/4/04 done auto dialog timer hook's floating-point compare needs tolerance 1.0.44
2/4/04 2/4/04 done multi auto volume play normally forces audio play; suppress this for autotriggered channels 1.0.44
1/31/04 2/2/04 done crossfader needs a minimize button 1.0.43
12/1/03 2/2/04 done auto-triggering of audio, using a repeat time dialog 1.0.43
2/2/04 2/1/04 done multi auto dlg default position is always zero, should be center for pan and pitch 1.0.43
2/2/04 2/1/04 done volume, master volume, crossfader, auto edit dialogs ignore arrows and page up/down; in OnHScroll, must call base class first, otherwise auto slider gets reflected message too late 1.0.43
2/1/04 2/1/04 done channel auto dialog must display title, not file name 1.0.43
2/1/04 2/1/04 done allow left-click on auto slider during play; necessary for tweaking loops 1.0.43
1/31/04 1/31/04 done since 1.0.37, paste shows one channel at a time again; set Z-order, make visible, then move 1.0.42
1/1/04 1/31/04 done audio file name isn't helpful when file is used more than once; need titles 1.0.42
1/28/04 1/29/04 done auto slider ctrl's get/set auto pos is confusing; override get/set pos instead 1.0.41
1/28/04 1/28/04 done variable crossfader types; linear or dipless for now 1.0.40
1/26/04 1/28/04 done closing a dialog's automation dialog sets focus to child frame; should set focus back to dialog 1.0.40
11/1/03 1/28/04 done crossfading between mixes 1.0.40
1/26/04 1/27/04 done pitch slider is showing incorrect value on newly loaded tracks 1.0.39
1/24/04 1/27/04 done automation dialogs don't have tooltips 1.0.39
1/1/04 1/26/04 done automation dialog for selected tracks 1.0.38
1/25/04 1/25/04 done loading audio into last track makes current position invalid, causing crash soon thereafter 1.0.37
1/25/04 1/25/04 done adding new tracks via file properties doesn't work; must set parent before setting Z-order 1.0.37
1/25/04 1/25/04 done insert scrolls selection before removing it, causing flicker; deselect before inserting 1.0.37
1/25/04 1/25/04 done right-click on a slider doesn't set focus 1.0.37
1/25/04 1/25/04 done Ctrl-A also toggles automation dialog; don't handle key down yourself, use accelerator table 1.0.37
1/24/04 1/24/04 done mute and solo buttons don't have tooltips 1.0.36
1/24/04 1/24/04 done filename lost its tooltip because it's a static now; set notify in dialog resource 1.0.36
1/22/04 1/24/04 done setting mixer volume to zero in mixer's dtor crashes app; set it from view's OnDestroy instead 1.0.36
1/19/04 1/24/04 done replace files dialog loses focus when search finishes 1.0.36
1/17/04 1/24/04 done if filename button has focus, space key doesnít toggle play; make filename a static control 1.0.36
1/23/04 1/23/04 done auto dlg controls don't set doc's modify flag 1.0.36
1/23/04 1/23/04 done pressing esc in volume dlg doesn't close volume dlg's auto dlg 1.0.36
1/22/04 1/23/04 done clicking on an auto dialog does not activate parent view 1.0.36
1/22/04 1/23/04 done auto dlg's initial position is incorrect; also need to bottom-align if dlg would be clipped 1.0.36
1/22/04 1/23/04 done create channel overwrites siblings; move new channels to bottom of Z-order 1.0.36
1/21/04 1/23/04 done when you close master vol dlg's auto dlg, master vol dlg loses focus 1.0.36
1/21/04 1/23/04 done closing auto dlg with middle-click in dlg's client area crashes debug version; use PostMessage 1.0.36
1/22/04 1/22/04 done master volume dlg disappears behind main wnd; creating at wrong time, wait until dlg is needed 1.0.36
1/21/04 1/22/04 done collapse view and edit mixer ctrl into mixer ctrl; mixer ctrl uses a form view, not a wnd 1.0.36
1/21/04 1/22/04 done add toggle repeat accelerator for both track and auto dlg 1.0.36
1/21/04 1/22/04 done automation dialogs should scroll with the view; must be children of view and siblings of channel, and channel must have clip siblings option set 1.0.36
1/20/04 1/22/04 done each mixer should have its own volume dialog, with automation, saved as part of the document 1.0.36
1/20/04 1/21/04 done in automation dialog, space should toggle play/pause 1.0.36
1/20/04 1/20/04 done if default is set to play and repeat, and a sample shorter than default channel's is loaded, sample plays once and then stops; caused by setting sample's position beyond its length 1.0.36
1/20/04 1/20/04 done enable multiple selection in import audio dialog 1.0.36
1/20/04 1/20/04 done if child is maximized, enabling status bar trashes header; child frame must size header ctrl too 1.0.36
1/19/04 1/20/04 done dropping multiple files at once doesn't work; should work for both docs and audio files 1.0.36
1/19/04 1/20/04 done status bar pane should have a colored background 1.0.36
1/18/04 1/20/04 done enable tool bar and status bar 1.0.36
1/18/04 1/20/04 done display active mixer's solo state on status bar 1.0.36
1/19/04 1/19/04 done when doc is closed, audio should stop immediately; zero mixer volume before deleting channels 1.0.35
1/19/04 1/19/04 done dropping mix file works over a view, but not over main frame background 1.0.35
1/19/04 1/19/04 done repeated shell open launches multiple instances of the app; doc template resource was missing filterName and filterExt substrings, due to careless use of app wizard 1.0.35
1/18/04 1/19/04 done view initially overwrites header, because header can't access view during initial OnSize, which is received from frame before view exists; make header a child of view, not a child of frame 1.0.34
11/21/03 1/19/04 done missing files/cancel displays error message "failed to open document" and then creates an empty document; SDI doc/view feature, MDI should fix it  
11/1/03 1/19/04 done convert application to MDI (mf) 1.0.34
1/18/04 1/18/04 done shell open of a non-existent file causes crash 1.0.34
1/18/04 1/18/04 done make options and master volume dialogs members of main frame instead of view 1.0.34
1/17/04 1/18/04 done shell open doesn't work; can't open doc because view doesn't exist yet, move data into doc 1.0.33
1/17/04 1/17/04 done with mute/solo, default frame is too small to avoid horizontal scroll bar; shrink filename 1.0.32
1/17/04 1/17/04 done file replace dialog needs a search folder button 1.0.32
1/17/04 1/17/04 done dropping mix file doesn't work anymore; channel's OnDropFiles must be declared virtual 1.0.32
1/11/04 1/17/04 done space bar should toggle selected tracks between pause and play 1.0.32
11/30/03 1/17/04 done mute and solo buttons on each channel; mute/solo selected channels 1.0.32
1/16/04 1/16/04 done up/down arrow, page up/page down, and mouse wheel are reversed; un-reverse them 1.0.31
1/12/04 1/16/04 done can't drop .aif files unless the extension is .aiff; add .aif to audio file filter 1.0.31
1/11/04 1/16/04 done audio file filter is hard-coded in three places: twice in channel, and in replace files dialog 1.0.31
1/11/04 1/11/04 done if automation is cleared by right-click, but button is released over automation dialog, thumb keeps moving though no selection exists; right button down must clear automation info 1.0.31
1/9/04 1/11/04 done file open and new don't reset header control sort indicator; only a problem because of SDI 1.0.31
1/8/04 1/9/04 done header control should have buttons for sorting tracks 1.0.30
1/8/04 1/9/04 done header control buttons should have an arrow indicating current sort order 1.0.30
1/7/04 1/9/04 done show/hide selection is too clumsy; custom draw sliders instead 1.0.30
1/3/04 1/8/04 done file search should have a progress dialog with a cancel button 1.0.30
1/1/04 1/5/04 done channels are sometimes misaligned by 1 or 2 pixels; to demo, load shorts file, pause bottom two tracks, sort by transport; column resizer must not apply margin corrections to parent window 1.0.29
1/1/03 1/5/04 done file search should search all fixed disks, not just C: 1.0.29
1/3/04 1/3/04 done file search fails if missing files are used more than once; only the first instance is replaced 1.0.29
1/2/04 1/3/04 done since auto-trigger sliders don't support waveforms, they should disable waveform combo box  
1/2/04 1/3/04 done add file version to clipboard ID string to prevent paste to/from older versions crashing app  
1/1/04 1/2/04 done clicking within an automation dialog doesn't move current position to the corresponding channel 1.0.28
12/1/03 1/2/04 done automation jumps or goes backwards unexpectedly when it's restarted or selection is changed 1.0.28
12/30/03 1/1/04 done need some concept of current channel, so that copy and paste (and play, etc.) always work; left or right clicking anywhere in a channel makes it the current channel, and it should show focus 1.0.28
12/30/03 12/30/03 done add master volume automation 1.0.28
12/29/03 12/30/03 done sort channels by name or transport; must repaint channels without ever overwriting a window 1.0.28
12/12/03 12/30/03 done master volume dialog should be modeless, with a check in the menu item 1.0.28
12/12/03 12/30/03 done add play, pause, stop selected tracks 1.0.28
11/30/03 12/30/03 done try moving channel buttons down 1 unit so selection bar surrounds them on all sides 1.0.28
11/1/03 12/30/03 done selection mode should be easier to get out of (mf); add deselect to channel context menu 1.0.28
12/1/03 12/28/03 done add tool tips; track data changes, both input-driven and timer-driven; option to enable/disable 1.0.28
11/1/03 12/12/03 done add volume, pan, and pitch automation 1.0.28
12/11/03 12/11/03 done disable setting audio device while sounds are open, otherwise Audiere misbehaves 1.0.27
12/11/03 12/11/03 done if channel's PreTranslateMessage call's main window's PreTranslateMessage directly, deleting a channel while it's playing causes an access violation; go back to using PostMessage 1.0.27
12/10/03 12/11/03 done if a channel control is disabled while it has focus, and the user subsequently exits from a dialog using the esc key, the app's alt keys stop working; must switch focus to an enabled control 1.0.27
12/1/03 12/11/03 done add menu option to select audio device 1.0.27
12/8/03 12/10/03 done after column resizing, inserted tracks don't have correct widths 1.0.26
12/6/03 12/10/03 done column dividers are centered between some controls and not others; window widths should be calculated directly from column widths, instead of using deltas 1.0.26
12/6/03 12/10/03 done support "no show while dragging" column resizing, using vertical line in view 1.0.26
12/6/03 12/10/03 done controls in column groups (e.g. transport buttons) should stretch proportionally 1.0.26
12/4/03 12/10/03 done opening new doc while maximized causes resizing; this was fixed, but removing the maximize pos slider feature broke it again; don't call ResizeParentToFit 1.0.26
12/5/03 12/8/03 done during loop selection, if new loop overlaps previous loop, don't let position escape from loop 1.0.25
12/7/03 12/7/03 done vertical scrolling completely broken 1.0.25
12/5/03 12/7/03 done header gets out of sync w columns if header is dragged left when horz scroll bar is on far right 1.0.25
11/30/03 12/6/03 done header control with drag resizing of columns 1.0.24
12/5/03 12/5/03 done if no vert scroll bar, drag selecting downwards causes channels to scroll off screen 1.0.23
12/5/03 12/5/03 done dragging volume column partially over transport column, and then dragging filename column back the other way can cause screen artifacts 1.0.23
12/1/03 12/5/03 done serialize must be version-aware so that older files can still be read after new features are added 1.0.23
11/1/03 12/5/03 done master volume control (mf) 1.0.23
12/3/03 12/4/03 done make missing sounds stuff generic; missing files 1.0.21
11/21/03 12/3/03 done missing files search doesn't work 1.0.21
12/2/03 12/2/03 done right click drag on position slider track clears loop selection bar immediately, but doesn't actually remove previous loop until button is released 1.0.20
12/1/03 12/2/03 done if no vert scroll bar, adding enough channels to make it appear causes incorrect cform width 1.0.19
12/1/03 12/2/03 done setting channel count above 64 doesn't change cform size; missing OnResize in ResizeToFit 1.0.19
12/1/03 12/2/03 done inserting/deleting channels doesn't change cform size; missing ResizeToFit in MoveChannels 1.0.19
11/30/03 12/2/03 done fix for pos slider jumps doesn't work for loops shorter than 1 sec 1.0.19
11/30/03 12/2/03 done Audiere loop source position is in the future by 1 second relative to sound source position, causes slider to jump 1 sec when loop is added/removed; Audiere bug 1.0.19
11/30/03 12/2/03 done during play, creating pos loop ahead of current pos causes jump to unexpected pos; also during play, left-clicking on pos track outside of loop area causes jump, both related to 1 sec problem 1.0.19
11/30/03 11/30/03 done resizing with show window contents while dragging causes flickerama, major battle 1.0.16
11/30/03 11/30/03 done flicker fix causes set channels to leave all ctrls undrawn (except pos!) if new channels are over cform bg; new does it too except file button gets drawn, total bitch 1.0.17
11/30/03 11/30/03 done flicker fix causes selection to not paint number static boxes, must invalidate in chan select 1.0.18
11/30/03 11/30/03 done only number area should cause selection, not all bg (mf) 1.0.18
11/30/03 11/30/03 done during dragging selection and scrolling, after button is released scrolling doesn't stop 1.0.18
11/30/03 11/30/03 done select, deselect, left-click on bg between ctrls and drag cursor outside cform causes unexpected selection 1.0.18
11/30/03 11/30/03 done transport buttons should be closer together 1.0.19
11/1/03 11/21/03 done child controls break accelerator key support 1.0.15
11/1/03 11/21/03 done if repeat state is changed while track is stopped, next play resets to beginning of sample; Audiere bad behavior; fixed in CAudio 1.0.15
11/1/03 11/21/03 done remove loop selection not working 1.0.15
11/1/03 11/21/03 done selection of channels (move channel number to a flat button that also serves as a selector?) 1.0.15
11/1/03 11/21/03 done clipboard support, done 1.0.15
11/1/03 11/21/03 done sometimes adding channels causes incorrect position slider size 1.0.15
11/1/03 11/21/03 done insert doesn't work; also occurs with cut/paste, to demonstrate, run, widen window, delete a channel, narrow window again 1.0.15
11/1/03 11/21/03 done opening new doc while maximized causes resizing 1.0.15
11/1/03 11/21/03 done can't drop a document, only audio files 1.0.15
11/1/03 11/21/03 done missing files/ignore can leave channels uninitialized, strange behavior when loading test.mix 1.0.15
11/1/03 11/21/03 done loop source position compensation is not a constant, the number of frames equal to 1 second depends on sample rate 1.0.15
11/1/03 11/21/03 done samples shorter than one second don't display correctly when looped 1.0.15
11/1/03 11/21/03 done shift-select doesn't support selection trimming 1.0.15
11/1/03 11/21/03 done load file resizes window even when app is maximized 1.0.15
11/1/03 11/21/03 done after window is widened, repeated file/new causes horz creep; +1 in ResizeToFit fixes it, why? 1.0.15
11/1/03 11/21/03 done insert/delete channel(s) 1.0.15
3/24/05   hold make CFormListView's resizable columns and header optional, to allow non-linear forms  
3/19/05   hold waveform preview with time/ amplitude zoom, horz scroll bar, and selection; uncompr audio only  
2/1/05   hold replace for channel titles? auto-hiding of file extension might be more useful  
2/1/05   hold master mixer with mute/solo, volume and snapshot list for each open doc; reuse form list view  
1/29/05   hold for pitch sliders, Page Up/Down keys should move thumb in semitones  
1/28/05   hold auto time slider should support hundredths of a second, but then minutes button is misleading  
1/28/05   hold when time slider's unit is seconds, spin delta is .01 seconds, but .05 is max timing resolution with 20Hz clock; slows stepping needlessly, delta could be .05 in this case  
1/14/05   hold need secondary sort; could be modified header click, or a primary sort control  
11/9/04   hold solve sync loss problem by adding sync mode to auto dlg; when set, auto pos is a modulus of a master clock instead of a unique state, and slider thumb is locked during automation  
10/30/04   hold multi auto dialogs should be modeless; complicates undo and selection logic  
9/24/04   hold showing a dialog bar doesn't give it focus; could be a feature, not sure  
5/7/04   hold in multi auto dialogs, slider should have a datatip just like channel sliders; audio position is a problem because it's displayed in seconds and loops may have different lengths  
5/7/04   hold need way to temporarily override mute/solo fading; control key?  
4/19/04   hold add grouping with color-coded name buttons; channel number header should sort by group?  
3/12/04   hold undo insignificant edits not fully implemented; would increase size of undo state  
3/12/04   hold arrow keys should move current channel? can't use main accelerator, it breaks auto slider arrows  
2/18/04   hold auto trigger slider should indicate auto pos; how to do without excessive overhead?  
1/17/04   hold audio filename display options: suppress extension, remove leading digits  
1/9/04   hold auto-scrubbing: automation that moves the audio selection instead of moving the thumb, but then how do you specify the automation range?  
1/1/04   hold recording would be nice; use river past audio capture for now  
12/30/03   hold presets and/or assignable macro keys to trigger fade in/out for several tracks at once (toshi)  
12/30/03   hold context-sensitive help would be nice  
12/20/03   hold alternate (faster) way to create automation loops; effect dialog with rate, width, bias controls?  
11/1/03   hold dragging channels between documents; requires OLE  
11/1/03   hold automation of automation (2nd derivative); very fancy  
2/17/05   punt if search string isn't found, closing message box should set focus to find dialog's edit control  
2/15/05   punt if large fonts are enabled, auto-slider height is off by just a hair, so that tips of selection range arrows are visible at bottom of slider, but only when slider doesn't have focus  
2/15/05   punt if large fonts are enabled, and a slider has selection range and bottom-pointing thumb, bottom edge of slider channel is visible through thumb; windows bug, must custom draw entire thumb  
1/17/05   punt audio play crashes w2k on Gateway GP6-400; sound card driver issue? audiere bug?  
12/31/04   punt ramp up/down has double the frequency of triangle/square; triangle/square has correct period  
12/30/04   punt can't create more than ten 64-track docs, or 708 channels in a single doc; try this under XP?  
10/2/04   punt floating main frame control bars appear before app's main window, while audio is created  
10/2/04   punt floating child frame control bars remain visible after document is closed, while audio shuts down  
10/2/04   punt if a control bar is floating, tooltips of nearby channels are partially hidden or don't erase entirely  
9/30/04   punt mixer should derive from scroll view, not form view, but drawing background flicker-free is hard  
9/26/04   punt title shifts slightly to the right during popup edit (amount varies with font); handle paint?  
7/6/04   punt raising tempo and lowering it again causes auto-trigger loops to get slightly out of sync  
7/4/04   punt when a looping auto slider is resynced, undo doesn't restore original sync; problem occurs with all auto sliders, not only position, and not only with left-click, but also multi-edit, cut/paste, etc.  
6/26/04   punt if position slider has a selection, for short samples, tool tip reports incorrect position when thumb is outside of selection, or near end of channel; audiere bug?  
3/10/04   punt in multi auto dlg, if auto triggers are switched to non-repeat and stop by themselves, indicators on position slider thumbs sometimes become inaccurate; only happens with very short loops  
3/8/04   punt when an auto-triggered sample has a selection, start point becomes slightly erratic; audiere bug?  
3/7/04   punt during undo, focus and active channel are always one step behind their correct position  
2/7/04   punt on Dell laptop, loading audio by dragging files from Windows explorer can cause audio artifacts, e.g. clicking, esp. if many tracks are playing; roll your own modeless file browser?  
1/24/04   punt tooltip updates in OnHScroll and TimerHook cause tooltip to track mouse; how to prevent this?  
1/20/04   punt in file dialog, if multiple selections are made, current folder setting is lost; windows bug  
1/17/04   punt when a dialog is displayed before opening a big file, dialog doesn't always erase cleanly  
1/10/04   punt context menu play/stop/pause should be disabled for empty tracks, but what if multiple tracks are selected and only some of them are empty?  
1/1/04   punt sometimes the focused channel isn't the same as the current channel  
1/1/04   punt holding down close or minimize button in an automation dialog blocks message loop, causing automation to freeze; clicking on title bar also blocks but it recovers after a second or so  
12/8/03   punt on Dell desktop, clicking pitch can cause volume to jump; another pitch-related Audiere bug?  
12/5/03   punt volume controls leak slightly when all the way down, worse with master volume, no idea why  
12/2/03   punt audio position correction fails when entering a loop for the first time; Audiere delay, no solution  
11/1/03   punt restarting paused audio causes a nasty glitch in output; audiere bug, workaround is stop mutes volume and waits 50ms for stream to flush  
11/1/03   punt on Dell desktop, moving pitch slider doesn't always change the pitch, especially near slider's endpoints; CAudio::SetPitch receives the message, but doesn't seem to hold it, Audiere bug?