Editing Snapshots

Snapshots can be renamed, deleted, and assigned shortcut keys, using the Edit Snapshots dialog. To display the dialog, choose Edit Snapshots from the Edit menu, or press Ctrl+E.

The dialog features a list box containing the names of the snapshots. The list can be sorted by name (the default), or by when the snapshots were created. To change the sort, select an item in the "Sort by" drop list. Changing the sort also reorders the snapshot list in the Snapshots control bar.

To rename a snapshot, select it (left-click its name) and then press the Rename button, or just double-click its name. The name becomes an edit box, allowing you to either edit the existing name, or type a new one. To save the new name, press Enter, or left-click somewhere outside of the edit box. To cancel the edit, press Esc.

To delete a snapshot, select it, and press the Delete button. To restore a snapshot, select it and press the Restore button.

To assign a shortcut key, select the snapshot, left-click in the hot key control (under the caption "Shortcut Key"), and then press the key or key combination you wish to assign. Finish by left-clicking in a different control, or pressing Tab. If the key isn't available, an error message is displayed; for details, see Taking a Snapshot.

The dialog also allows you to set the restore mode, which affects the smoothness of snapshot transitions. For details, see Restoring a Snapshot.