Taking a Snapshot

To take a snapshot, choose Take Snapshot from the File menu, or press Ctrl+T. The track attributes are captured, and the Take Snapshot dialog is displayed. This dialog allows you name the snapshot, and assign it a shortcut key. If you don't enter a name, the snapshot will have a default name. You can edit the name and shortcut key later, using the Edit Snapshots dialog. Press OK to save the snapshot, or Cancel to exit without saving the snapshot.

To assign a shortcut key to the snapshot, use the hot key control, located to the right of the "Shortcut Key" caption. Left-click in the hot key control: the control will now record any key, or key combination, that you press. Note that some keys are reserved for Mixere, or for Windows; for a list of reserved keys, see Mixere Shortcut Keys. If the key is reserved, Mixere displays an error message when you press OK, and sets the focus back to the hot key control, instead of closing the dialog. If the key is already assigned to a snapshot, Mixere prompts you for confirmation before reassigning the key.

Note that taking a snapshot captures all of a track's attributes, with one exception: the track's name. This means that if you rename some tracks, and then restore a snapshot, the tracks retain their new names.