Selecting Tracks

Some of Mixere's commands can operate on multiple tracks at once. To execute a multi-track command, you must specify which tracks the command should operate on; you do this by selecting the tracks. Multi-track commands can be divided into two categories: those that can only operate on selected tracks (e.g. Cut), and those that operate either on selected tracks, or if no tracks are selected, on the current track. For details, see Multi-Track Commands.

The current track is indicated by a different-colored track number. When you modify a track (e.g. by adjusting one of its sliders), it becomes the current track. You can also make a track current without modifying anything, by left-clicking on its name.

To select a track, left-click on its track number, in the leftmost column. The track changes color, to indicate that it's selected. To deselect the track, left-click on its track number again.

If you want to select a contiguous group of tracks, instead of selecting them one at a time, it's easier to use one of these methods:

  1. Left-click the first track in the group, and then Shift+left-click the last track in the group.
  2. Left-click the first track in the group, but don't release the left mouse button yet; while holding down the button, drag the cursor over the rest of the tracks you want to select, and then release the button.

To clear the current selection, press Esc, or choose Deselect from the Edit menu.

It's possible to select multiple contiguous groups of tracks, using either of the above methods. For example, if you drag-select a group of tracks, and then drag-select another group of tracks, the result is that both groups of tracks are selected; unlike most Windows programs, Mixere concatenates the selections, instead of replacing one with the other.